Zero Obligations Contract

Zero Obligations Contract

Use the advantages of Long Term Lease and ride without unplanned expenses

For all natural and legal persons that want an economical and simple solution for car renting for a longer time period, the special offer „Zero Obligations Contract“ is a convenient direction to go – a large selection of new vehicles with affordable prices of all the different models and equipment.

In our service, we offer 1800 travel kilometers but for all of our customers who want extra mileage or other BIZZRIDE benefits, we have special packages. The Long Term Lease service is possible to contract for a minimum period of one month.

The offer's advantages:

  • A fast and simple vehicle handover without the paperwork
  • The possibility of changing the offer's conditions (changing packages, vehicles, mileage) without being charged
  • The flexibility of riding your vehicle according to your needs

Terms and conditions


The first monthly rent is payed to the account number when the offer has been accepted. Every other month, the monthly rent is paid on the invoice that is issued at the beginning of the next month.

Security deposit

Resources we are reserving in the case of non-payment for the extra mileage that was not contracted, parking tickets, dry cleaning expenses or equipment theft.

The security deposit is returned in full to the client after the vehicle is turned back in.

Extra kilometers

In the case of transgressing the contracted mileage, at the end of the lease, the extra kilometers are calculated and charged.

The offer doesn't include:

Extra kilometers, gas, and VAT 25%

The high security and equipment standards we have set mean that we are partners for the long road. For all other information and the prices on vehicle models and packages, contact us with full trust.

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