Unlocking and Turning On Your Car with a Finger Print

Unlocking and Turning On Your Car with a Finger Print

Hyundai has announced, in the beginning of 2019, the launching of the first car that you will be able to turn on with your finger print.

A whole decade had to pass until electronics had enabled the mass usage of biometrical technologies for scientific, professional and private purposes. This technology brought us new scientific disciplines which elaborate and develop methods and procedures on how to recognize human features through electronic devices. Beside mobile phones which already use this technology, automobiles using the same technology are to be set in production and they will enable turning on the car with a finger print.

The first Hyundai model which will be available on the market and using this technology, will be the popular SUV - Santa Fe. The Chinese market which will be the first to use this technology is going to have the chance already in the first quarter of this year to test it, but it is still not sure when it will be available on other markets.

The most interesting part is that when your finger print is stored in the car memory, the information regarding your stored settings will be linked to your finger print like the position of your seat, rearview mirror, favorite radio station, navigation and so on. The automobile will be able to adjust itself to its driver in matter of seconds. Beside all this, this technology guarantees complete safety of your vehicle because the sensor can not be fooled with silicone prints or things like that.

The only obstacle standing in the way is the fact that biometrical personal information should be legally regulated so that it could be legally used because if it is not, there is a high possibility that it can come to breaching the law on personal information protection which is a very tricky question in the EU area since the Law on personal information protection has been passed.

Although until recently we had the impression that unlocking and turning on your car with a finger print and the complete personalization of your automobile on such a high level is a distant future, the technology is developing with an unbelieveable speed which opens up new ideas and possibilites on how to personalize vehicles. Who knows what awaits us in the near future.

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