The future is here: Autonomus Vehicles

The future is here: Autonomus Vehicles

Maximum efficiency when arriving to the set location, an absolute practical ride where it's enough to take a seat and your travels being?

Until recently this scenario sounded like a future that is far from us but contemporary research shows that this is a future that is quite near us – autonomous vehicles which were only yesterday a lab experiment, could be become our everyday experience on the road and provide us with a ride of minimal effort.

Statistics from the industry indicate that up to 2020. the number of autonomous vehicles, meaning vehicles with some kind of new form or level of functionality, will rise to 100 millions and it is expected that by 2026. there will be 50 millions autonomous vehicles in traffic. Technological giants like Google and Apple are continuosly investing in test-programs for autonomous vehicles and the lead companies of the automobile industry like Tesla and General Motors are not far behind in the development.

Autonomous vehicles could find their application foremost with people with disabilites for which car maneuver is difficult but they would also have a fruitful market with business users who depend on maximal efficiency in their business management, including the comfor of quick and easy business trips in this.

In BIZZRIDE we are aware of the necessary simplifications when it comes to accesory parts of your management so this is why we offer you a service that is autonomous – we take complete care of your mobility. Through Long Term Lease and Fleet Management offered by BIZZRIDE, you can feel like an autonomus vehicle user. When you use the ALLRIDE service, all the concerns around your vehicle: the availability of cars, the quality of them and eventual needs for professional ride service for your co-operants or colleagues, are left up to us while you can stay focused on the more important parts of your business. You don't have to wait for the future where there are autonomous vehicles, with BIZZIRDE Long Term Lease and Fleet Management you will feel like this maximum efficiency futuristic scenario is already present in your business management.

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