Advantages of Long Term Vehicle Rental

Advantages of Long Term Vehicle Rental

Long-term rental is an economical and easy solution for both individuals and corporate clients.

It refers to monthly rental, but it's possible to make a contract for a longer period of time, depending on your needs.

If you only use the car from time to time, it is far more worthwhile to rent a vehicle if needed than to own one and upkeep it regularly. The biggest advantage of Long Term Rental in BIZZRIDE is that we take on all the aspects of purchasing, delivering and servicing the vehicle while the contract lasts.

Long Term Rental is surely a better option than buying a car. From the experience we have gained with our users, we noticed that our clients usually don't want a commitment longer than 12 months or that they are companies who want an all-inclusive service but they don't want to spend time on purchasing and other obligations that a vehicle requires. Long Term Rental partly owns its popularity to the instability of the market because of which it is safer to rent a car than to buy one. Although big suppliers of Long Term Rental highlight its advantages in comparison to leasing, one does not exclude the other so there will always be companies who will make their purchases directly through leasing and the ones that will turn towards the Long Term Rental service.

Some other advantages of Long Term Rental in BIZZRIDE which we would like to point out are:

  • No pressure on your creditworthiness (natural or legal person)
  • The client chooses from the available vehicles in the RIDE car fleet
  • We have a wide variety of the newest car models
  • An extremely flexible service, the client can exchange the vehicle if needed
  • A complete and clear plan of your expenses
  • No engagement of personal resources for controlling and managing a car park
  • No documentation for leasing approval and the validation of your company's creditworthiness
  • No financial participation (advance payment), bills of exchange or debenture
  • No signing a Contract with a Leasing company
  • No expenses from the public notary
  • No charge for one-time Contract processing
  • No charge for an early Contract determination
  • One bill for ALL your expenses and services

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