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Long Term Rental

What does Long Term Rental service include?

The Long Term Rental service includes:

  • Regular vehicle servicing determined by the service intervals of the manufacturer
  • Expanded and extended upkeep in terms with normal vehicle usage
  • Summer and winter pneumatics and their storage during the year
  • A replacement vehicle in the case of malfunction, tinsmithithing and car body repairs or traffic accident
  • Assistence and help on the road “24/7/365“ (malfunctions included and excluded from the manufacturer's guaranty, traffic accident and other), the emergency telephone being: 072 800 500
  • Compulsory insurance policy from automobile responsibility
  • Cover for the travelers in the case of an accident
  • Casco insurance policy which includes one damage per year in total while with every other damage a franchise according to the vehicle model is applied
  • Cover from risk of theft on European territory; the franchise in case of theft is 0%
  • Cross border – free of charge border crossing

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