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Long term rental is an economical and simple solution for natural and legal entities. It's an ideal choice if you want to rent a car for a longer time period (30+ days) and in the meantime do not want to have any concerns around taking care of the vehicle.

The services included in this model of renting cover the vehicle, regular upkeeping, assistance 24/7 as well as a free replacement vehicle if required.

The Long Term rental includes new vehicle brands of little city vehicles, family and luxury limousines, SUVs and combi vehicles.

You can always choose one or more vehicles that respond to your needs, exchange it for another one whenever it is necessary and there will not be any extra expenses if you, for an instance, return the vehicle before the arranged time of returning.

You can't decide if you want Leasing or Long Term rental?

We offer Long Term Lease as an optimal solution if you want to realize the vehicle renting procedure in a short period and without a financial stake.

Long Term rental

User's financial stake while contracting leasing service

Financing the vehicle (leasing fee)

Compulsory cover package

Casco insurance

Registration and technical check-up expenses

Tax payment for motor vehicles

Orderly and out of order vehicle upkeeping

Assistance and help on the road

Replacement vehicle in case of a malfunction or damage

Taking and dropping off the vehicle – ("Door to door" service)

Seasonal exchange and storaging tires

Option of a beforehand return without a fee

Services included

  • Upkeeping


  • Registration


  • Vehicle insurance

    Vehicle insurance

  • Replacement vehicle

    Replacement vehicle

  • Tire exchange and storage

    Tire exchange and storage

  • Administration


  • Managing malfunctions and damages

    Managing malfunctions and damages

  • Mobile guarantee

    Mobile guarantee

  • All expenses on one bill

    All expenses on one bill

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